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The Symphonic Touch of Benny Andersson

Benny Andersson's music like you've never heard it before.

Money Money Money

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Benny Andersson is a name that most people associate with the legendary Swedish supergroup ABBA. However, this spring, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, in collaboration with Swedish violin soloist Christian Svarfvar, is set to release their own selection of Benny Andersson's most beloved compositions.


The symphony orchestra's repertoire includes selections from ABBA, BAO, the musical Chess, and Kristina from Duvemåla, in what is a pioneering international initiative by the Swedish arranger and conductor Anders Berglund.

The album, titled "The Symphonic Touch of Benny Andersson," is recorded with a full orchestral setting in London and contains twelve instrumental recordings. It is set to be released worldwide on April 14.


On March 10, the first single will be unveiled. It will be Christian's and The London Philharmonic Orchestra's version of ABBA's "Money Money Money" from 1976. Anders Berglund, the conductor and executive producer of the album, expressed his pride in this unique project and collaboration.

In 2022, the London Philharmonic Orchestra achieved international album success with Wagner, Bach, and Brahms. In 2023, they are proud to interpret the music of a contemporary composer.


Benny Andersson started as a keyboard player and composer in a Swedish rock band in the sixties. He met Björn Ulvaeus in 1966, and together they developed their creative enterprise, leading to the formation of ABBA. With Benny's music, Björn's lyrics, and the girls' voices, ABBA's success was unparalleled. Since then, Benny has explored and developed his composing skills through musicals, music for film and theatre, folk music, and more.


Björn Ulvaeus has been an invaluable partner over the years, but this album is focused on the actual music composed by Benny. Despite a lack of musical training and not reading sheet music, Benny writes like a classical composer. This has been Anders


Berglund's inspiration for these new brilliant arrangements, which, along with Christian Svarfvar's virtuosity and the London Philharmonic Orchestra's talent, aim to shed new light on Benny Andersson's music.

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